Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mildura birding

finally got out to do some proper birding around mildura this arvo (as they say over here). knocked oof wrok early and spent some time looking around the murray river. flame robin, weebill, yellow billed spoonbill, diamond dove, white browed babbler, australian shoveller, hoary headed grebe, caspian tern and the star, a cracking crested shrike tit were all new birds for me.

Random fact of the day:

Some people may be able to rememebr some really naff adverts on talksport radio durin genglands last cricket tour of england for a place called Sunraysia, i think one of them went something like this, read by someone with a really camp austrlian voice

so if your coming ot australia, visit Sunraysia for a while,
and try our l0vely prune juice, its sure to make you smile (or give you the shits for 3 days)

well, Sunraysia is the district i'm in now, if you can remeber the advetrs that would be quite funny but if you never heard them you probably think i'm utterly bonkers, (if you didnt already that is)


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