Monday, July 03, 2006

Mindil beach andEast Point

Went to Mindil Beach market last night, in Darwin. A really busy market with music and food galore. one small band was playing an aborigine/rock/dance style mysic called Didge'n' drum, real quality music, especially good to listen to whilst watching the sun set over the timor sea with rainbow bea eaters hawking overhead. Tried a kangaroo kebab from the glamorously named ' Roadkill Cafe' with the motto, 'you kill it ,we grill it', also on offer were crocodile kebabs and possum sausages.

Went to east point reserve today. Highlight was one of the target birds for this part of the trip, a cracking Rainbow Pitta feeding in the leaf litter just metres away. also had cracking views of rainbow bea eater, long tailed finch and shining monarch, masked woodwallow. After singapore, birding is incredibly easy here, with bird seemingly vying for attention rather than constantly skulking.


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Anonymous said...

glad you have arrived safetly. email me sometime as i have some nationwide post for you