Friday, July 21, 2006

You can take the birder out of England...

but you can't take england out of the birder.

Today the weather was bloody terrible (the wettest July in Sydney for 5 years) so i decided on a rather lame day looking around the citys Centenniel Gardens. On arriving, a playing field was flodded and was covered in birds, so what did i do, admire the red rumped parrots, galahs, kookaburras and sacred ibis, no, i thouroughly checked the starling flock, despite the fact that "checking the starling flock for vagrants in winter" is listed no.7 in the book "101 ways to waste time in Australia", available from your local book store or Tescos. I did manage to pick up 4 new birds for the trip list but they are all so shamefully common i wont even list them. Then as i flopped in front of the fire to dry my soaking carcass, i turned on the telly and the news was reporting record heatwaves in Western Europe, someone up there really is "tekkin' piss", as they say in Yorkshire.
As an aside, congratulations to my new favourite aussie Justin Langer for beating several types of shit out of Surrey Cricket Club for Somerset

Somerset La La La

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