Sunday, July 16, 2006


Yet again my timing is impeccable! Before coming to bathurst i was told that it was in the grip of a five year drought. Its been raining non stop since i arrived a couple of days ago, typical. I am of course taking all the credit for bringing the wet stuff me though.
Despite the weather i've managed to get out and about a few local sites. Highlights being Black Shouldered Kite, Yellow tailed black cockatoo, Eastern Rosella and Satin Bowerbird, plus loads of kangaroos at Bathursts Boundary Road reserve. And White browed treecreeper at wattle flats, where i was shown an "aboriginal scar tree", a tree that the abos took wood off to make canoes and stuff, because of clearing by the settlers these trees are very rare nowadys so that was pretty good to see.

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