Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Biting the bullet

i did something rather rash today. i woke up in the morning and thought it would be nice to go to fiji. so i've booked flights for the first two weeks of september. hopefully as well as doing the main island of viti levu i'll be able to get across to the smaller islands of kadavu and taveuni for the endemics.
Tommorrow morning i catch a 15hour bus ride to mildura for a months worth of vineyard work (to pay for the fiji trip), then i'm heading back to wollonong for another pelagic on the 27th august before flying out to fiji two days afterwards. i'm not sure what internet access will be avaiable in mildura so dont be surprised if the blog is not updated for a while.


p.s, if anyone reading this knows anything about birding near mildura of fiji please e-mail me at joe_cockram@hotmail.com



Anonymous said...

the wandering was it gibsons say hi to lindsey and janice cheers dunc

Anonymous said...

joe my man! looks like youve got some crackin shots from your trip so far! Hadnt realised youd set up a website....

nice to see a lin k to my meger offerings! ;-) Just bought a new camera as a combination of humdity sea salt and sand finally put an end to Brians old one. 20D with an Uber lense, sunbittern on nest soon to follow I hope

V gealous of the pelagic stuff. Ive not been for an age!!!! looks like a good year for wilsons on scilly so far too

Take it easy mate. if your in Panama before mid september youd be more than welcome to come find me and buy me a beer!