Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pumpkin Picking, Exciting stuff

have spent the last few days picking pumpkins just over the border into New South Wales fro mMildura, now that may seem like a very dull job, most of the time it was, but the presence of Red backed spiders hiding underneath quite a few of the pumpkins was rather alarming, these spiders can kill a human quite easily with a single bite, not so boring after all
also managed to see Malle Ringneck ( a parrot) in the vineyards adjacent to the pumpkin fields whilst working, which took the trip list to 300, not bad for a month of not very intensive birding.

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Anonymous said...

hi joe don't worry about red backs know ones died since 1949 they havent got very big jaws .its the white tailed and funnel webb's to watch out there kill or just rot ya flesh thats if a tiger snake does'nt get ya first mate.anyway have fun picking
cheers dunc