Sunday, July 02, 2006

Australia at last

Rainbow Bee Eater
Striated Pardalote
Finally arrived in darwin early this morning. Only had time for a short walk around today as i overslept int he hostel from not managing to sleep on the plane. I was woken up by an Orange Footed scrubfowl noisily scratching around outside my bedroom window ,Despite not visiting any nature reserves today i still managed to see a load of good birds (for me anyway) just around the city. Rainbow Bee eaters were easily seen between the hostel and the cliff top, along with figbirds, Varied Triller, White bellied cuckoo shrike and forest and sacred kingfishers. The clifftop in the city centre itself had incredibly tame magpie larks, straw necked ibis and yellow wattled lapwing. The walk was slighlty spoiled by groups of drunkenaborigines hurling abuse at anyone walking by.
i have 2 more nights here in darwin, then its off into kakadu national park for a week.


Stephen Menzie said...

"Abos" - I presume you mean native Australian Aboriginal folk. Don't knock them; they are Oz's second largest tourist attraction after Kangaroos.
Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing your pics once you manage to hijack a PC with Paint installed on it.

Anonymous said...

I visited Australia in 1997. The place rocks! Darwin was my first port of call and I have indelible memories of brightly coloured Rosellas in the city centre trees and many birds of prey - kites and eagles - soaring high overhead. Wonderful.
I never had problems with aboriginal folk, or anyone else for that matter, hurling abuse at me while there. Maybe you just got unlucky.
Have a great time and I look forward to reading more.