Friday, July 28, 2006

Theres an Englishman, a german, a finn and and irishman

No, not the start of a really shit joke i stole off the internet, but the mix we have at the hostel i'm staying at. All a good bunch but communication is obviously quite difficult. The german, the finn and the irishman all speak very good english and talk alot, my lack of any grasp of the language leaves me feeeling quite left out. The irishman is from limerick

There once was a young man from limerick
who was a bit of a prick
he spoke utter tripe
smoked hash through a pipe
and was really rather thick

see what i did there, he's from limerick, and i made a limerick about him, clever eh! sorry
i'm now in the rather isolated town of mildura, just in the state of victoria on the edge of the murray river. Started some vineyard work today, it was the slightly odd job of cutting off sticks from the vines to be planted and earning 7cents per stick, on to hourly pay tomorrow so should be better. not had time for any birding so far, but managed to see dusky woodswallow, spiny cheeked honeyeater, black shouldered kite and yellow rosella whilst working, which probably didnt help my 'sticks per hour' rate.
Mildura is a bit of a strange place, without wanting to slag it off too much after being here for only a day, it seems like one of those places where everybody knows everbody, nobody trusts anybody and "have i met you before, maybe at a family reunoin" is likely to be the best chat up line in a club.
hopefully i'll be getting down to Hattah Kuklkyne NP soon for some of the mallee specialities


Stephen Menzie said...

Joe, You may want to try this:
Impress your Irish friend to no end.

PS. To help with the language barrier, Feck means F*ck, Eejit means Idiot and Turty Tree means 33.

Anonymous said...

welcome to small town aus. makes Witham seem a little better doesn't it.