Tuesday, July 24, 2012


After a lovely, but all to brief family trip up to Herefordshire over the weekend, on return to The Point I was well in the mood for spending a couple of weeks sunbathing, reading Tolstoy, listening to the cricket and moth-trapping (the soporific nature of all these activities being pure co-incidence) before the autumn migration kicks off. I was terribly disappointed then to find two Willow Warblers in the garden this morning, signalling the beginning of the southbound passerine migration. Oh well, all spare time will now be spent suadea-bashing and the previously mentioned activities will have to wait until next summer. 

Arctic Skua's are still hanging around terrorising the terns

Last night a large hatching of flying insects caused a huge flock of Black-headed Gulls to swarm over the dunes in a feeding frenzy, capturing this amazing sight with a 400mm lens wasn't really possible

A few Meditteranean Gulls also joined the throng, this is one of 40 that fledged from the colony this year

Oystercatcher chick growing up well

One of the baby Swallows featured in a previous post. All the broods are buzzing around in a big flock so it's impossible to judge the success of individual nests, but they seem to have had a very good season

 And finally, we've had a few camera traps out in the dunes just to see whats roaming around the place when we're not about. I was most surprised to find this Short-eared Owl checking the camera out last night

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