Friday, July 13, 2012

Going Cuckoo

The title of 'surprising bird of the day' today went to this Common Cuckoo in The Plantation this morning. Looking very rare here, we tried, and failed to turn it into the Oriental it should have been

After another look at the Short-toed Lark, I was distracted for a while by this Arctic Skua allowing a very close approach on the beach. It has a dislodged secondary on the right wing, revealing it as the bird first seen  a week ago

 I went back for another look at the Cuckoo, seeing as how I hardly see any of these fine birds these days, what with their shocking and worrying decline as a breeding bird. Check out the BTO for their brilliant Cuckoo tracking project which is trying to find out what's happening to them on their migration and wintering grounds

 To my astonishment, as I watching this adult male, a juvenile bird flew onto the fence alongside it. I can only think that this is just a co-incidence that two birds were present together, and that there is no parenting involved?

And finally, a picture of the Blakeney Choir about to launch into a full throated rendition of 'OHMYFREAKINGODTHERESAPERSONONYANKEERIDGELETSSCAREOFFEVERYOTHERBIRDFORMILESAROUND'

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