Monday, July 02, 2012

Let Osprey!

While keeping an eye on the Little Terns around midday, a hideous din from behind alerted me to an Osprey powering west over the harbour, scattering waders left right and centre.

The Oystercatchers saw this as a wonderful opportunity to exercise their vocal chords, having been quiet for about, ooh, maybe 20 seconds previously.

Other badly photographed big birds against a leaden sky were this Marsh Harrier and Grey Heron

One of our 2 Ringed Plover chicks has disappeared, probably munched by a Kestrel (little shit), but the survivor is coming on very well and should be fledging in less than a week.

Mum was close by, and offering little whistles of advice, probably along the lines of 'keep away from that weird hairy thing with a camera'.

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