Saturday, July 14, 2012

Long Point Bird Observatory 2008

Sharp eyed readers may have noticed another addition to the bar at the top of the page. I've uploaded a wedge of photos from a phenomenal trip to  Long Point Bird Observatory in Canada from mid August to mid November 2008. I did post a few photos up here at the time, but like with the Scilly photos, had a few more that I thought ought to be shared. Also, I feel that they act as a good inspiration to get out there this coming Autumn. Some of the birds have never been recorded this side of the Atlantic, but the way I see it, anything that migrates down the eastern seaboard of North America has the potential to end up over here. So have a look, dust off your Sibley, dubbin your boots, and get ready to thrash some dykes. Yellow Warblers and Orchard Orioles are migrating in the first week of August, so don't hang around waiting until 'Teachers Week' at the end of October, there's birds to be found!
Nashville Warbler
One Day................

In other news, I've got my exam and dissertation results through, and it turns out that i've managed to swindle a 2:1 (in Ecology and Wildlife Conservation) out of Bournemouth University, despite spending most of my time birding up here on Blakeney Point. Get in!!!


Anonymous said...

Congtat's Joe, the world's your oyster!!

Portland Pete Morgan

Fay said...

Congratulations Joe!

Joe Cockram said...

Thanks Pete, thanks Fay!