Thursday, July 26, 2012

Long-distance travelers and long-term residents

Today started well with the first Green Sandpipers of the autumn, 4 dropping out of the sky and onto the saltmarsh on their way south from breeding grounds in Scandinavia.

An unusually tame juv Cormorant on the beach had me thinking it might be injured, but as soon as I downed camera and bins and entered 'stalk and capture mode' it jumped up and flew strongly out to sea.

It soon returned and fed close inshore on the same shoal of fish a mixed flock of terns were targeting 

 Hobby's are awesome birds, but not when sat on the fence around our Little Tern colony. Shooing this one away was the first time I've ever deliberately flushed a Hobby, it felt a bit weird I must admit

This Hare was enjoying the evening sun yesterday

 Surprise of the day came when the Short-toed Lark popped up from under my feet on Yankee Ridge. We hadn't seen it for 13 days now so we're a bit miffed as to how it's eluded detection in the meantime. My only excuse is that it sits so tight that you practically have to step on it for it to reveal itself ,and as you can see from the photo, it's pretty well camouflaged when not flying. Since we last saw it, the bird has replaced most of it's greater coverts and one tertial. This moulting might be why its hung around so long?

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