Monday, May 21, 2012

Rosefinches are Red, Bluethroats are Blue.....

Rosefinches are Red, 
Bluethroats are Blue,
I shouldn't really be birding,
I've got exams to do.

J.Cockram 2012

Highlight of today was this beauty of a male Common Rosefinch that appeared right at the end of the day on Yankee Ridge, well, on the wreck of The Yankee itself even. A real last gasp surprise this after a long day of effort in grim weather, with little reward.
I must admit to usually referring to these things as 'grotfinches', that certainly wasn't the case here, it was by the far the best one i've seen, with plenty of red from the cap all down it's front, and all over the rump, a good example of where the name 'rosefinch' came from. Unfortunately it didn't hang around much longer than a few seconds, and flew off as I made the schoolboy error of glancing away for a moment, leaving me with no idea as to where it had gone.

While looking around to try and relocate the bird a few other new-in birds were apparent, including my first siskin and stonechat on The Point this year.

A 'classic' Point view, that I didn't even notice at the time, as the wind buffetted me to the side while photographing the Rosefinch, this Wheatear managed to sneak into the frame.

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