Sunday, May 20, 2012

Back in Blue

The last week or so has been pretty quiet birdwise here lately, which is fortunate seeing as how i'm currently in the middle of my final university exams, and thus supposedly busy with revision, and occasionally even away and back in Shitsville-on-Sea AKA Bournemouth. Today bought a nice little reprieve from reading about the Aarhus Convention, and contemplating the futility of the concept of Sustainable Development with the discovery of a Bluethroat, our second of the season, and the 4th that i've seen on The Point now. Not a stonking male like the last one, but delightful nonetheless with its subtle markings.

The last few days has also seen the Plantation reach it's Flycatcher hat-trick for the Spring, with Pied and Spotted Flycatchers sharing the same fenceline that the Red-breasted frequented a few weeks back.

Here's hoping for a Collared now to complete the set, though it better hurry up as i'm back down South again on Thursday for the last of the exams, and then i'm free. FREE I TELL YOU, FRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Ahem, yes, I am rather excited about finishing uni, big things coming ,watch this space....................

oh, almost forgot, if you care about birds at all, or have any sort of a soul, and would like the spring hunting in Malta to be stopped, sign this petition and let Lawrence Gonzi, Prime Minister of Malta know how you feel. And if you're feeling particularly benevolent, share the link on your own blogs, facebooks etc. Cheers

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