Friday, May 04, 2012

Nice Mix

Another good day on The Point. A weird feature of this spring so far has been a regular supply of Fieldfares, with 2-3 seen most mornings, giving a very autumnal feel to the place.

This is a much more typical spring view at suaeda level!

This Hobby gave a brief flypast before streaking off over the harbour

Walking down Yankee Ridge we were somewhat surprised when this adult Spoonbill stepped out of a nearby saltmarsh creek, added itself to our 'shitlists' (out of shot), looked very worried for a minute (which presumably explains the previously described behaviour), and then flew a short distance to a more isolated creek. Gotta love these birds, it'll be great if they can really establish themselves as a breeding bird over the next few years.

While patrolling the dunes this afternoon I spotted this Marsh Harrier hunting along the same ridge as I was on. Ducking down into the grass, I managed to stay hidden enough to receive a nice close flyby. Think this is a 3cy Male, confirmation/disagreement of this is most welcome.

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