Monday, May 07, 2012

Beans, mushrooms, 2 eggy bread, 3 sausage and 2 Grus please

A quieter day today, but still with a nice surprise. 
I was up rather early, possibly a little too early...

Not ideal lighting conditions for seawatching I think you'll agree, but watching a sunrise over the sea truly is the best way to start the day. 

After a long morning, including a WeBS count, it was back to the ranch for a well deserved fry-up. We were just about to get stuck in when mobiles started ringing, with local birders flashing up on the display, uh-oh, whats going on?
 '2 Cranes flying down The Point from The Watch-house', oh bugger, what awful timing. Heap a load of beans onto a wedge of eggy bread, shove in mouth, get up, grab bins and camera, rush for door, there's a blockage of bodies and tripod legs, turn around, back to plate, pop in a couple of mushrooms for good measure, try the door again, outside, there's the birds, cop a binful, camera up, click click click, birds are away now, back inside, to table, chow down, sorted!


Penny Clarke said...

Hi Joe - you have some stunning pictures on you blog the last few days - congratulations!!! I walked as far as The Hood today and had 3 redstarts, one at Halfway House and 2 at The Hood.


Joe Cockram said...

Thanks Penny, it has been rather good lately!
I'll add your redstarts to our records.