Monday, June 11, 2012

The Spring is dead, long live the Spring: Icky!

Just as we were starting to settle into our summer hibernation, The Point pulls another goodie out of the bag, our first Icterine Warbler of the year, long overdue considering the numbers elsewhere on the East coast, particularly on the Mighty Farnes!
Typically it was being a right bugger to see, flushing from the suaeda all too quickly and only occasionally perching up. We soon realised that good views/photographs weren't going to be a possibility and left it be to see what else was about. Result: not a lot. 

How many Redshanks can you fit on a chimney?
5 apparently, the 6th just couldn't quite fit. 

Resident Oystercatchers giving a Short-eared Owl a hard time, as can be seen by the white splash on it's right wing. Good shooting lads!

While most of the country sat on their sofas watching the football, I was wading around in the surf in the hope of getting some interesting photies of things flying through the waves. I didn't quite get what I was after, but saw the potential for some really nice shots so will be trying this again some time soon.

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