Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Little Terns

No need for any description here, just a load of self-indulgent, gratuitous shots of one of my favourite birds (yes, I know, another one) fishing off The Point today. It was a bad day to be a fish!


Leafy said...

Seriously Joe I think you are going to be a very famous wildlife photographer! :D

These are great photos! :)

Jason Moss said...

Stunning mate, totally brilliant pics. Would look lovely on ma wall! I'm sure you probably already noticed, but one or two of the Little Pickies appears to be colour ringed? White or yellow on one leg, but cant tell for sure. Would be cool to know who/what/where :)

Joe Cockram said...

Thanks Leaf, i'll get around to that when you become an artist!

Mr Moss, i'll send you some full size copies if ya like. As for the colour rings, annoyingly the photos don't quite give a clear combination, but i'll keep at it and try to work it out.