Monday, April 28, 2008

Prruup Prruup!!

Today got off to an excellent start when what was presumably yesterdays Serin appeared in our garden as we left home early in the morning.
Half an hour later, as we were checking Culverwell, I heard a distinctive prruup prruup, bloody BEE EATER. I rushed out of the trees and frantically scanned the skies but there was no sign of the bird. A search back over the Top Fields and the gardens of Southwell was equally fruitless. Oh well, you can't win 'em all.

The Serin returned again in the afternoon and sung for a while from the tree behind our kitchen window.

Crappy Brambling flight shot that I forgot about from a week ago.

And the Serin's back again now. How cool is that, it's like living in Spain, but without the wierd language, oh, hang on, this is Portland, just like Spain then.

EDIT: 10 minutes later, here it is again, back in the Silver Birch, thats an awesome tree, we've now seen Mealy Redpoll, Ring Ouzel, Pallas's Warbler and several Yellow-browed Warblers in it (in reverse chronological order)

I even heard it tinkling through the bathroom window as I was having a tinkle myself, how ironic!!
For the non-birders anongst you, (and probably a few "birders" too), 'tinkling' is a good way to describe the song of the Serin, I wasn't listening to it taking a slash or anything wierd like that.

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Stephen Menzie said...

Glad you clarified the listening to it tinkle bit.

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