Sunday, April 13, 2008

The curse is lifted!!!

Finally, we've had some windy weather. Friday and Saturday had a moderate south-westerly, resulting in some good numbers of Manx Shearwaters, moving East on the Friday, and coming back West on Saturday, most of them coming in really close as well. We've also had a few Bonxies and Red-throated Divers, allowing me to give the new scope (Kowa773) a good trial at last. Basically i'm very impressed with it, its superbly bright and sharp, and pretty light and compact as well (considering the large 77mm objective lens) so i'll have no qualms about taking it on long foreign trips. Focusing is a delight to use as well, lovely and smooth, and the dual geared knob (fnarr fnarr) is much easier to use than I had expected.
Hows that for a comprehensive, in-depth review eh?
Also, the price of it went up by £200 yesterday for some peculiar reason, leaving me very glad that I purchased it when I did.

Anyway, Portland was very quiet again today, highlight being this water-spout type thing off The Bill. With a bit (a very big bit) of imagination, you can just about make out the disturbance in the water, pointed out by the wopping great big yellow arrow, in case you hadn't guessed.

Also this smart Flying Piecatcher, the first of the year

A Meadow Pipit on a lovely natural looking perch

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