Sunday, March 09, 2008

Corbett part 2

The last set of pictures from Corbett National Park;

Scaly-bellied Woodpecker

Wild Boar, taken from a moving elephant, not as easy as it sounds.

Irreverant, moi?
A bust of the legendary Jim Corbett, who set up the park way back when.

Lineated Barbet

Golden Mahaveer, and Black Mahaveer. If they did fish and chips in india, I would want one of them!!! with mushy peas of course

Pallas's Fish Eagle

River Lapwing, again taken from a moving elephant
Sunrise over the grassland banks of the Ramganga River

The other elephant that was with us on our morning safari

Gharial Crocodile ,showing its amazing long snout, ideal for catching those Mahaveer

Nature truly is raw in tooth and claw! This Spotted Deer fawn was still struggling as the Golden Jackal hauled it into the elephant grass

Elvis isn't dead!!!
Himalayan Bulbuls surely have the funkiest hairstyles of any bird.

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