Sunday, October 29, 2006

Brisbane area

Yesterday i went to The Gabba, brisbanes cricket ground to watch the Queensland Bulls playing The New South Wales Blues, was a decent days cricket with 350 runs and 11 wickets during the day, didnt think much of the ground tho, it was more sterile than Hampshire Cricket clubs "Stone Bowl" there wasnt even a pavilion, a cricket gorund without a pavilion!!!!! As outrageous as a drunk fox crapping in a church!
Today i joined up with Duncan and Paul Walbridge for a days birding near Brisbane, we started off at a Powerful Owl roost in the outskirts of the city but unforunately the only sign of the owls was a discarded primary feather, which was about as long as a tawny owl is high, that is one fucking big owl, cant wait to see one. Also saw my first Little Lorikeet. then we headed up to Samsonvale where we met up with Tom Tarrant for a days birding around his place, dipped on Spotted Quail Thrush but there were plenty of other good birds like Pallid Cuckoo, Olive backed Oriole, White Winged Triller, Leaden Flycatcher and Tawny Frogmouth. As well as the birds themselves it was great to spend a day in the field with other birders, something i've not done much of out in aus thanks to the dearth of "birdos" as they seem to call us out here.


Vectis Birder said...

Oi, no slagging off the Rose Bowl, I support Hampshire! Brisbane's not a bad place. I walked past the Gabba one day when I was there, but never went in.
How big's your Aussie bird list now?

Joe Cockram said...

yeah, the rose bowl's not too bad, just lacks the atmosphere of a gorund like Taunton. Brisbane is pretty good as cities go, lots of big greeen areas and some good birding. Aus list is on 351 now

vectis birder said...

Yeah, newer and bigger grounds do tend to lack the atmosphere of their predecessors. You going to be in Oz for the Ashes series?

Joe Cockram said...

yup, got tickets for days 3 and 4 of the melboune test and hope to get to the fianl day of the adelaide test as well