Thursday, October 05, 2006

(bitter)Sweet potatos

after pissing around doing shiity jobs for a few days here and there i'm 'settled' into a job on a sweet potato farm at the moment, picking them, packing them, and planting new ones all day. been doing it for a week and a haof now but finish on wednesday, which couldnt come a day too soon. the farm has some good birding, there are several pairs of banded lapwing and a loads of maskd lapwing. the overgrown rows which we are harvesting are swarming with singing golden headed cisitcolas and there are figbirds, rainbow bee-eaters and other good stuff around the edge of the farm.
life at the hostel has got a bit 'interesting'. theres a japanese girl in the same room who gets upfor work in a packing shed at 4:00am (i'm on one of the better shifts, work starts at 6am!), when her alarm went off this morning, she didnt wake up, and i couldnt turn the alarm off cos all the writing on it was in some wierd symbols (japanese probably), in my half asleep state the only logical way to shut the dammed thing up was to hoy it out of the open window, unfortunately i forgot that we were on the third floor. i returned home from work today to be greeted by the very iratre japanese girl, holding a savagely wounded alarm clock and screaming something about being sacked for not turning up the work, oops.

i've just realised, i've written an entire post, purely about sweet potatos, surely thats a first for blogger, who even eats the things anyway, whats wrong with normal spuds!

also, i've managed to get tickets for the 3rd and 4th days of the boxing day ashes test in melbourne so i'm feeling very smug.

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