Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Enough of that Shite

arrived in rainbow beach having escaped bundaberg early this morning. hopefully i've now done enough work to see me through til the end of the trip, unless i do something silly like buy a new camera, charter a plane to some obscure place to see some obscure bird, or go on a mega week long bender in brisbane, or possibly all three ,sounds rather fun.
anyhoo, last weekend in bundy was alright, on saturday went on a trip to 'snakes down under' in Childers to see a steve irwin wanabee playing with the worlds 5 most venomous snakes, then got to handle a carpet python and a baby saltwater croc, spent the sunday recovering from a hangover on the beach (note to self: never drink vodka with estonians again). there was seven estonians staying at the hostel which i'm sure must be at least two thirds of estonias population, their economy must be properly up shit creek at the moment!!

managed a short bush walk around rainbow beach this afternoon which was quite productive with scarelt honeyeater, little bronze cuckoo and large billed scrubwren being new birds for me.

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