Friday, November 03, 2006

More brisbane stuff

city birding rocks! Over the last few days in brisbane i've picked up another 10 lifers, mainly in little parks surrounded by orrible urban stuff.
highlight were a pair of plum headed finches in sherwood aboretum, a pair of very confiding bush stone curlews in mowbray park, cicadabird and nesting square tailed kite at daisy hill, and lathams snipe and red kneed dotterel at oxley creek common and loads of waders like marsh sand, sharp tailed sand, great knot, red headed (or is it red knecked, i forget) avocet, red necked stint and grey tailed tattler at brisbane port and manly beach.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting my link in, Joe. Not sure about the 'pile of shite' comment though - that joke's so old it's got holes in!