Sunday, August 27, 2006


Wollongong, what a great name for a town eh, enough to make anyone from somewhere named as dully as Frome consider topping themselves.
Have had a Rather busy weekend, starting on saturday by taking te ferry from cronulla across to bundeena in the north east corner of the royal national park and walking across the NP to heathcote station, gettign badly lost in the rainforest thanks to a walking trail that looked like a wallaby track and vice versa, and a river with no obvious crossing point, still, i made it to heathcote in time for a train to wollongong. after arriving in wollongong i headed into town to do some shopping and somehow ended up inside the illawarra dragons stadium watching their rugby league game against the cronulla sharks, unfortunately it properly pissed it down for most of the game, so it was quite a scrappy game in difficult conditions, but several cracking fights were very entertainig, one of whic resulted in the sin-binning of three players. great stuff
then today (sunday0 i had my second pelagic off wollongong. it was very similar to my last trip with only 2 new species, wedge tailed and huttons shearwaters but with 8 species of albatross and several solnaders petrels. also had awesoem views of humpback whales breaching alongisde the boat plus bottlenose and common dolphins.

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Anonymous said...

hi joe just to let you know mish and i will be arriving in brisbane on the 15/10/06 wev'e 4days dubai and 2 days in stinkers .have you heard anymore from o'reillys
cheers dunc