Saturday, August 05, 2006

Vineyard work

i have started new work in a vineyard now, pruning the vines, which is quite easy work but obviously a little boring.
we get picked up at 6:30am which is bit naff when you work hard all day and drink hard all night, its pretty impressive to see the sun rising over the frosty outback on the daily commute though. the vineyard really is in the middle of nowhere, its an hours drive from mildura. plenty of wildlife around the site, have seen plenty of kangaroos and emus on the way to work. yesterday on the way back from the work, a lad from manchester who was riding his motorbike back had a full on collission with an emu that ran out in front of him, he was very lucky to get away with only a coupe, of ratehr savage grazes to his knees, the emu was not so lucky and was scrambling around on the side of the road, luckily a local farmer was driving behind our bus and had a rifle handy to finish it off, though his .243 was hardly the ideal weapon for such a dispatch.

i have mangaged to pick up my forst injury from native wildlife. some obnoxious little bastard of a mosquito has bitten me on the left elbow causing it to swell up to the size of a small zepplin, its impeding ym work slightly but hopefully will go down soon enough.

i've managed to get out doing a bit of birding around mildura in the evenings after work. Lake ranfurly has been the most productive site with white winged fairy wren, bluebonnet parrots, zebra finches, masses of caspian terns and plenty of ducks and waders.
other sites nearby have produced red capped and hooded robin, southern whiteface, apostlebird and brown treecreeper.

also apologies for all the shitty spam comments being left, i have now had to enable comment moderation to stop this. Does anyone know if is possible to delete existing commenst?

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Anonymous said...

hi joe tim has got back to me,and said they will see what they can do about work.also about mos bites buy some stuff called" sting goes" to put on striaght away then get liquid "betadine" for any infection ,and you'll be right mate.
cheers dunc