Friday, August 25, 2006

Royal national Park

spent the day exploring the moors area in the north east of the Royal National Park, south of sydney. highlights were two of the three target birds for the area, southern emu-wren and tawny crowned honeyeater, though the lack of chestnut rumped hylacola was annoying. the emu-wrens were much harder to see than the mallee emu wrens at hattah thanks to the much denser vegetation, also a pant soilingly close encounter with a big off snake affected my fieldcraft somewhat (jumping several feet into the air and squealing like a girl), unsurprisingly the emu-wrens were not impressed with my stalking skills and had long since buggered off by the time i regained my composure.
The coastline of the national park is truly stunning with views from sydney down to wollongong. the sanbdstone cliffs had all sorts wierd patterns eroded into them and a group of humpback whales breaching spectaculalrly (albeit distantly) offshore just topped off the views nicely.
unfortunately the weather turned sour this afternoon, tipping down with rain and the wind really got up quite strong, hopefully it will turn nicer for my pelagic on sunday.

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