Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Today we went out to the lakes above Covadonga on the North-western corner of the Picos de Europa.
The weather wasnt great, with low cloud and mist but there was still plenty to be seen. Hghlight was a smart male Rock Thrush, a few other typical common mountain birds and a superb selection of wildflowers:

Sum plum Wapit (non birders wont have a clue what that means)

Marsh Orchid sp. Doncha just hate dactylorhizas

Fragrant Orchid, and very nice smelling it was too

Fragrant orchid flower close up

Pyrenean Eryngo

Ragged Robin

Alpine Butterwort, unfortunately all the flowers had long gone over

The obligatory Alpine Chough

Alpine Toadlfax Linaria alpina

Black Redstart

Coot, on the lake at 1100m along with a pair of Teal, which was a surprise

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