Friday, July 06, 2007

Yet more Butterflies

A bit quiet on the birding front here at the moment, but still plenty of Butterflies about. A few new species today took the hotel list up to 38 (recorded by me since May) which I reckon is pretty good for an 18 acre farm!

Blue-spot Hairstreak, a rather worn individual unfortunately


Rock Grayling. What a gay butterfly ,first seen in flight, it looked like a White Admiral with its black upperwings and pale bar, then it lands and "aww what, its only a pissing Grayling", naff!


Large Skipper, loads of these out now

Pearly Heath


Brian said...

Hi Joe. Take a look at Pearly Heath (C. arcania) for the last one. Not sure how variable they can be though.



Shirley said...

Wow, Joe :-)

I love Cleopatra - but then again I love green flowers :-D

Anonymous said...

is that a dark-green fritillary, I wonder (instead of a high brown?) - the 3rd spot from the top is not indented as it should and in the underside photo it looks a bit pale + no evidence of any brown

Joe Cockram said...

Hi, thanks for the comment on the fritillary on the next post, it is indeed a Dark Green, thanks for pointing that out.