Monday, September 30, 2013

Israel: Day 21

It was the day of the Lesser Spotted Eagles today, we haven't added up the totals properly yet, but it looks like we had a total of around 25,000 birds through! I was based in Ginegar, on the Eastern edge of our string of watchpoints, and had been frustrated all morning as I received reports of several thousand birds passing over my colleagues. I could see large thermals distantly to my West, but had not a single Eagle in 'my airspace' until 2pm, when the stream suddenly shifted to the East with the wind, and 2000 birds passed over me in the space of 40 minutes. Well worth the wait!
As in previous days, the height of the birds only allowed crowd shots, imagine about 30 of these frames stitched together for an accurate representation

Spot the Steppe Eagle

There he is, if only real life had Crop and Levels functions

Nice juvenile Red-footed Falcon that hung around my watchpoint for an hour or so

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