Thursday, February 28, 2013


After a fortnight back in flat ol' Somerset, I was feeling the need to get mountains back in my life so headed up to Snowdonia for a long weekend. The weather was beautiful, and the mountains in great condition, enough snow and ice to make them look absolutely stunning and make the hiking a bit interesting, but not so bad as to make things dangerous.

The South-west ridge up to the summit, perfect!
 I wasn't birding, but couldn't help but notice a few top notch birds around. You know how it is!

Dipper, on the Aber Glaslyn

This Raven came in hoping for a share of our lunch on the way down from the Glyderau.  This was the closest I've ever seen Raven and for the first time really appreciated how great they are. An absolute Tank of a bird, and with beautiful glossy plumage when they catch the light right. It was duly rewarded for its magnificence and took its piece of ham sandwich off to feed another, presumable its youngster from last year.

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