Friday, September 24, 2010

Missing the Point

Having left Blakeney Point last week, i'm back in Dorset for my second year at Bournemouth Uni. Mylast few weeks up in Norfolk were pretty awesome, providing some of the most challenging, yet rewarding birding of my life. Although we had no more rares after the Booted Warbler in the last post, a constant stream of classic scarcities, and good numbers of common migrants combined to make it feel like the good ol' days of the '70s. As this was my first season on the Point, I feel extremely lucky to have been present for what the locals are calling the best August for decades. Here's just a few of the little gems that made all the suaeda bashing worthwile:


Bluethroat- 1 of 3 seen in a week, and I think before any others had been seen elsewhere in the country!!


Spotted Flycatcher- ticked by one happy visitor as the bird below, jesus wept!!

Barred Warbler

Lapland Bunting. This was the first bird to be seen in England and possibly the UK this autumn, and appears to be spearheading an impressive invasion.


Matt the maker of slays said...

Holy Crap ... you left the point a little early my friend!!! You could have found a monster unidentifiable flycatcher. I guess you know this all too well and would rather it wasn't pointed out

Jason Moss said...

Monsterous Bluethroat pic mate! A real stunner