Monday, May 05, 2008

The Cats Whiskers

Apart from a decent arrival of Spotted Flycatchers and Turtle Doves, Portland was a bit quiet this morning. luckily news broke of a Whiskered Tern down in Weymouth at Radipole Lake RSPB giving us a good excuse to give up early.
After a nervy moment when it disappeared temporarily and saw us dashing off to look for it at nearby Lodmoor, the bird returned and gave excellent views as it hawked around the Buddelia Pool, viewable from the Buddelia Loop or the Tennis Courts.
The last Dorset record wasback in the 1980's I think, so there was a fair few people there throughout the morning.
An excellent bird to see as all the Whiskered Terns that i've seen before have been grotty winter plumaged birds out in Asia. This was the first sum plum bird that i've seen, a real cracker.
After watching it for a while I remembered that it was even a British tick for me, result!!

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