Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Orchids galore

An interesting few days here in Spain. Whilst working this morning a pair of Egyptian Vultures flew over carrying nesting material, apparently they breed near to the hotel every year. Other good birds have been a pair of Blue Rock-thrush high up on the crags above the hotel, and Serin and Cirl Bunting on the farm. Wall Lizards are all over the place and being typically confiding. The highlight however has been the orchids, as seen in the pictures below;

I´m not too hot on my plant i.d skills so if theres any mistakes, feel free to leave a comment telling me.

Wall Lizard

Tongue orchid (Serapais)

Woodcock Ophrys

Bee Orchid

Dull Ophrys

Egyptian Vulture (most definately not an escape)

Man Orchid close up

Provence Orchid

1 comment:

Stephen Menzie said...

You've gone all the way to Spain and you're looking at flowers? It's people like you that drag birding to its knees. Oh, and don't you get those lizards at Portland as well?
Tiene un buen rato..