Saturday, November 11, 2006

Queensland birding.

the last week has been spent birdign in inland queensland, starting near Samsonvale where i fianlly got to grips with Spotted Quail Thrush, having excellent views of this truly superb bird, near Dayboro. Then i joined Duncan and Mish Walbridge for a trip down to the National parks near the NSW border. Girraween NP produced Yellow Tufted Hoenyeater ,Little Eagle and Little Woodswallow but no lifers. The next day at Sundown NP was truly superb with White Browed Wooslswallow, Turquoise Parrot and Diamond Firetail being excellent new birds, the Collmunda Lake added Musk and Pink Eared Ducks, along with stackloads of Whiskered Tern, Black Winged Stilt, Glossy Ibis and a White WInged fary wren. The area around Dalby the next day produced my first Cockatiel and Inland Thronbill but sod all else thanks to the majot dorught that left all the lakes empty and no tress in flower.


Justin JFJ Jansen said...

Hi Joe,

You are doing well, and very nice picture's. If you head up north, sent me an e-mail and maybe I could help you to find some species. I'm completing a 3 month tour off Australia, and now up to 533 species at the moment, and in few days I head for Tazie! There is a spot for Yellow Chat around Rockhampton if you are intrested!
Just missed out on you at Tom Tarrants place, and damn a Long-billed Muire....

Cheers, Justin Jansen

Joe Cockram said...

hi justin
tom gave us your site for yellow chat, we head up north tommorrow and will call in at rocky on the way up. i'm going to taz at the end of the year so will be in touch for good sites

Justin JFJ Jansen said...

Hi Joe,
Ok, I wait for you're message. We head home but cleaned up all off Tazie!
Sadly you missed out on the Yellow Chats!

Cheers, Justin