Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Sooo, blog not updated for several months, pretty much standard for me.
Basically, i've not done any birding to report on. I've just been too busy at uni with, errr, assignments, yes that'll do, i've been doing assignments all autumn/winter.
I have however found the time for some volunteering with the Dorset Wildlife Trust, which has it's many rewards, such as this Little Auk whichwas sat off the landing stage upon arrival at Brownsea Island a few weeks ago.

Excuse the shite picture, digibinned with a naff little compact from a moving boat!!

I finished uni for the year on friday and since then i've had a few days birding the Somerset Levels. I haven't looked around the levels properly for about 10 years or so, so I was surprised and very impressed to see how the reserves have come along there. The area of land now setaside for conservation around the shapwick/westhay area has increased massively and theres new paths everywhere, well done to the organisations involved. It was all pretty birdy too, with Bitterns and Cetti's Warblers in particular seemingly all over the place. Highlight however was watching 3 Otters at close range feeding along a frozen drove, pure magic.

Anyway, any recent sightings will pale into insignificance with what i'll be seeing over the next few weeks. After a long period of no travelling i'm finally back on the road, with a 3 week trip to Nepal beginning tommorrow. It's a family holiday so won't involve the usual reckless pursuit of exotic rares, but should still be good fun. There will of course be pictures galore and hopefully a trip report (if I can find the time away from those pesky 'assignments') when I get back. Until then, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

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