Tuesday, January 01, 2008

World Year Listing

Seeing as how am hopefully getting a fair bit of travelling in this year, depending on how much work I can get in the summer of course, i've decided that I might as well have a crack at the sport of kings- World Year Listing.
The year didnt get off to a great start as the clock struck 12 while I was busy arranging cheesboards on my last day of work at the Orchid Restaraunt on Portland, where i've been working since finishing at the obs.
Still, I managed to haul myself out of bed at a fairly respectable hour this morning and racked up a few species around the island that might otherwise prove difficult to see this year, depending on my location for other winter months. The bill area itself was typically quiet but Portland Harbour scored with Long-tailed Duck, Black-throated and Great-Northern Divers and Red-necked Grebe, along with other wintering dross. The train journey north to my Mums house in Somerset added a few more species and I finished the day bang on 50 species, nothing spectacular about that but it was worth it for the couple of hours effort put in.

Highlight of the day however was a Redpoll sp South over Frome Railway Station, it's call just about audible over the recorded woman warning me that if I left my bag on the platform then Security Services would blow it up. Paranoid or what!!! I know it's got a big new ASDA's but Frome can hardly be high on Al Qaeda's strike list for the new year, there's so little stuff that even the local chavs cant be arsed trashing stuff anymore.

11 hours til I leave home, so excited!!!!

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