Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Crazy White Men

Wow, they have internet in the Himalayas, fair play.
Cant stay and write too much cos it costs a bomb, which is fair enough considering that some poor git had to carry the computer up here in the first place.
Basically, were knackered. The last few days have been spent trekking up to here at Ghorepani at 2970m, via Ghandruk and Taadapani, with the highest point being Derali at 3210m, by far the highest that either of us have ever been. Before coming here I thought that hiring porters was the preserve of the very rich and total jessies, but it seems that we are just about the only westerners carrying our own bags, no laughing matter when they're 25kg each. Andy Mcnab once wrote that you can only realistically carry a third of your own bodyweight for any length of time, now i'm no mathmetician but I only weigh 55kg, so i'm pushing that a bit, still, what does he know, silly twat got himself captured by a bunch of ragheads, anyway, I digress.
Birding has been pretty good so far, with such high altitude goodies as Pink-browed and Dark-breasted Rosefinches, Collared Grosbeaks, Red-headed Bullfinch, Red-flanked Bluetails, White-browed and Golden Bush-Robins and masses more, and we're not even in the best bit yey.
Tomorrow were heading north up the Kali Gandaki river to the hot springs at Tatopani, and from there slowly north again to Jomsom and muktinath, before flying back from Jomsom to Pokahara, and then down to the Jungles of Chitwan NP.
Well, must go, i need to save my cash for choclate, thats well dear too


Stephen Menzie said...

You got your phone with you? Did you get my text?

rich said...

Hi Joe.P.coe very concerned you be attempting Jomsom Pass the wrong way-ie from the west.Says very dangerous at this time of year!If in doubt,take advice.Glad yyou`re having fun.

Matt said...

Have you encountered a Yeti yet?