Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The title sums it up really, Portland has been pretty dire over the last few weeks with only a slight invasion of ortolan buntings causing any excitement. Ive mangaed to see 2, including one today and hear one more, they;ve not been easy to see on the ground at all. Also, a Wryneck, or possibly 2, or possibly 3 has/have been around the top fields for the past week and we got a brief sighting of one on the privet hedge this morning. I can guarantee however, that there will be a biigy on portland sometime between now and saturday as i will be on the pride of Bilbao watching acres of empty sea hoping for a few whales or maybe a few seabirds, conditions are looking good for cetaceans but shearwaters have been very thin on the ground (or sea?) over the summer, anyway, apparently the bars good!

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