Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thailand pics

Pale Blue Flycatcher

White throated Rock Thrush

Temmincks Stint

Rickety Bridge at Doi Inthanon

Blue Whistling Thrush

Fire bellied Flowerpecker

Great Hornbill

Red Junglefowl

Grey Bushchat

Oriental Honey Buzzard

Pig Tailed Macaque


Nick Upton said...

The light is not good in the photo, but I think your Pale Blue Flycatcher is actually a Verditer Flycatcher. The colour of the wing looks more like Verditer. Also the pose - sitting on an exposed dead branch is quite typical of this species.

Joe Cockram said...

thanks nick, i did wonder about that but i hadnt seen verditer before taking this pic and was expecting it to be much paler and with more obvious dark lores. it might just be the light in the picture becasue the verditers that i saw later on were noticably paler than this one was.