Thursday, June 18, 2015

Icelandic Odyssey

I spent the beginning of June back on the MV Sea Explorer working as an ornithologist and zodiac driver for Noble Caledonia on an expedition cruise circumnavigating Iceland. This was a truly awesome cruise, with some jaw-dropping wildlife watching, dramatic scenery and wonderful tales of human history. Here's a few photos, I hope to add more and a bit of a report in due time.

Arctic Skua chasing Arctic Tern through icebergs

Arctic Tern

Blue Whale pt 1! Too big to fit in one photo

Blue Whale pt 2

Blue Whale pt 3
White-beaked Dolphin bow-riding a Blue Whale


Harlequin Duck

The most incredible moment came as we were zodiac cruising around a fjord looking for Humpack Whales. We spotted a feeding frenzy of Arctic Terns so slowly drifted over to take a look and were treated to a Humpback lunge feeding just metres away from our little boats!

A short video of one of the lunges, imagine the shock of having this happen unexpectedly right next to a small zodiac!

King X Northern Eider hybrid
Red-necked Phalarope


Slavonian Grebe

I'm now in Norfolk doing offshore surveys until the end of July, but will be back in Somerset for the Autumn and Winter, and hopefully getting a bit of guiding going again

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