Wednesday, August 07, 2013


So, after a long while of birding only on the Avalon Marshes, which can be read about here, and a short while not birding at all, which can't be read about anywhere, I ventured out of county for a week on the island of Skomer, or Ynys Sgomer as it is known in Welsh. I was there mainly for a bit of a holiday to catch up with some good friends, but unsurprisingly, I saw a few birds too. The island is a seabird paradise, with Puffins and Manx Shearwaters being the stars. I took rather a lot of photos, heres a small selection, that busyness pending, I may add to over time:

Dazed and confused: This manxie really shouldn't have been out on dry land in daylight

A much more typical view

Juvenile Peregrine, the first confirmed Skomer fledger of the year




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