Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Running out of time

The birding here since I got back from Malta has been slow going. The weather has been all wrong, but at this time of year you just have to keep plugging away, it only takes one bird!!
The odd migrant has dropped in, often in somewhat unusual settings:

Blackbird in the dunes

Chiffchaff in the lobster pot
Little Gulls over the house

Starting to get a few Bramblefinches over every day now
Hen Harrier now pretty much resident out here

Reed Bunting posing nicely

Things are that bad, I've started photographing cobwebs.......

Things will probably hot up this weekend as i'm leaving The Point on Friday, got me a couple of weeks to chill in Somerset and recover from the terrible stressful summer I've had out here, then its off out to the Himalaya for the winter. Life can be hard sometimes.

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