Monday, December 08, 2008

Jumping into the deep end!!

America's all well and good, but you know, its a bit like a paddling pool; fun and easy but just a little bit too shallow.
It's been great travelling through the country, but it's time to move onwards with our journey so we jumped on a train in San Diego that took us to the Mexican border and the notorious town of Tijuana. After hearing reports that Tijuana is, and I quote, "a total fucking craphole", we decided to bypass it and head on down to the 'more sedate' town of Ensenada.......Sedate my arse!!!! We went out on the piss last night with a couple of lads in the hostel and had what ranks as one of the craziest nights ever, them Mexicans sure know how to party!! The night culminated in us being chucked out of an Izusu Trooper at 5am on some random road outside of town, though to be fair, it was kindof uncomfotable with 11 people in it. The situation was looking a little bit sketchy at one point, but luckily we managed to find a taxi to take us back into town safely.
Anyhoo, this is supposedly a birding blog so I guess that I ought to write about what we've been seeing:

Not a lot really. From San Francisco, which is a really cool city by the way, we got a bus down to the college town of San Luis Obispo, which is located roughly in the middle of nowhere. We birded the scrubby hills around the village one morning, picking up Acorn and Nuttall's Woodpeckers, California Towhee and Rufous-crowned Sparrow.
Since San Luis Obsipo (or SLO as us in the know call it), we haven't birded much, but a walk around the harbour in Ensenada today gave us our first Royal and Elegant Terns flying around, a few Clarks Grebes around the boats and several Cassin's Kingbirds thorughout the town itself.
We're heading South on a bus tomorrow morning, probably going as far as Guerrero Negro, on the border with Baja California Sur, where we'll start trying to see some of the Baja specialties, of which there are quite a few!!

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