Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Typos glaore

I've just read back thorugh the last post, and noticed that it's quite possible the worst bit of writing on the whole internet. Pretty much every sentance contains a typo error.
Contrary to popular belief, i'm not an illiterate fool (well, maybe a little bit of one) it's just that the keyboards here are rubbish, and dont let you type properly. And i really cant be arsed to go through and correct it all, so this post is will have to do to explain it.
Hopefully you're all gullible enough to believe that pathetic explantion, and i can carry on be dumbass who cant spell for the rest of trip.


Stephen Menzie said...

Those Urdu keyboards are a nuisance, aren't they...

Anonymous said...

you've not logged onto garry bagnell's website have you if you think your typing was bad?