Sunday, April 08, 2007

NW Wales and migrants in Somerset

From the 30th March to 6th April I was on a family holiday to Snowdonia National Park, staying in a lovely little cottage near Beddgelert. It was mainly a walking holiday so I didnt really mangae any proper birding but still managed to pick up a few bits and bobs.

The journey up was quite productive with regualr sightings of Red Kite as we drove up through Powys, also seen were a fair few Goosanders along various rivers and a Dipper seen briefly as we passed close to the River Wye.

I did manage to get to Anglesey for one day but dipped on the Long-billed Dowitcher near Holyhead, that species remains as a very irritating bogey bird. On the same day a quick visit to South Stack produced a pair of Chough and a Hooded Crow that I suspect wasnt quite a pure one. The only other sightings were another pair of Chough in the mountains near Beddgelert and various common seaduck (goldeneye, red breasted meransers etc.) in Tremadog bay.

Back in Somerset the last few days have provided a few nice migrants. A Swallow on the wires in Kilmigton was my first for the year, as was a solitary House Martin over my garden in Witham Friary yesterday evening. Thw highlight however was a Ring Ouzel that I flushed off stubble in the hills above the village this afternoon whilst walking the dog.

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