Monday, December 04, 2006

Ticket: $30, beer: $4 (X7). Getting sunburnt in December: priceless

I havnt done any birding at all for the last few days for a very good reason, THE ASHES. After wathing the first day of the Adelaide test in a pub in Brisbane i caught a red eye flight to Adleaide for the rest of the game, couldnt get into the ground for the 2nd or 3rd days but watching on the big screen in the town centre was quite nice, then i was lucky enough to meet a bloke in the pub who had a spare ticket for the 4th day (today) so i finally got to see my first day of test match cricket in australia, a lifetime ambition realised. It was spigging awesome, to be prefectly honest i wasnt paying that much attention to the cricket as it was a bit slow and i got caught up in the middle of the barmy army singing and generally acting like an idiot, even getting a warning from security (another lifetime ambition). i've also got a ticket for tomorrow but a result is unlikely thanks to a shitty slow pitch that even my gran could bat on but it should be an entertaining day nonetheless.

heres a couple of gems that we belted out around the ground today:

I shagged matilda, i shagged matila,
i shagged matilda and so did me mate
and she moaned and she groaned
and she took it up the billabong
i shagged matilda and so did me mates

Shane warne is a bowler
he likes to play around
he's got a different girlfriend
at every cricket ground
he's always in some trouble, he's always in some strife
and now he's lost his hair, he's also lost his wife

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Anonymous said...

hi joe you missed out hartleys
and the best bit me throwing up?