Saturday, September 30, 2006


Isnt fruit picking fun, been in bundaberg (or 'Bundy' as us in the in-crowd call it) for a week now and its driving me mad already, it really is a dump as people had warned me it was. have done all sorts of odd jobs like planting sweet potatoes, stacking sugar cane bales and tearing down old tomato plants. thanks to the decrepit, untidy condition of the farms the birding has been quite good whilst working with the tomatofarm producing my first singing bushlark, chestnut breasted manakin and tawny grassbird, and a quail sp. running in front of the tractor that i didnt see well enough to i.d. other new birds seen arounf bundy include channel billed cuckoo (2 over the sweet potato farm), little shrike thrus, pale headed rosella, mangrove honeyeater and spice finch, bringing my aus list to 306, and the trip list to 412.
apologies for posts being very boring and few and far between but i havnt really done much interesting lately, hopefully when i leave here in a few weeks time and the australian summer starts to kick in things will liven up a bit.
p.s. marbled duck, genuine? sod off, its got no chance! (unless it stays there until january, then i can see it and pronounce it a definate vagrant)

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